CHANGED: Paddle and Picnic the Susquehanna

18 Jul 2012 - Owego, NY
Basic – Class I Water, 6 Miles
Contact: SharonC,,

The July 18th paddle will be on the Susquehanna River, not at Long

Pond.  We will meet at Hickories Park for a reverse shuttle to the

put-in site.  Those who can should arrive at 4:30pm for the first

shuttle.  Everyone else should be at Hickories no later than 5:00pm so

that we can do the second shuttle.  My goal is to leave almost all

vehicles at Hickories.  We will paddle to Hiawatha Island where you

will eat the boxed supper that you bring and use the comfort

facilities if necessary.  How much time we spend on the island will

depend on what time we arrive at the island.  Then we will make the

short paddle on to Hickories Park.  (Sorry, no hotdogs this week due

to time restraints.)  I did this paddle on Saturday and there was

sufficient water. Yes, I know that I did not reveal the put-in site.

I’m still calculating the timing.  Please respond to to sign up no later than 10:00am Wednesday

morning.  Hope to see you on Wednesday.  Sharon

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