ACKC Executive Council Meeting Minutes February 24, 2013

ACKC Executive Council Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2013, 2 p.m.
The Blue Dolphin, Apalachin, NY

Attending from the Council – Don Hall, Sharon Canfield, Kent Foster
Committee membesr and others attending – Ron Jerauld, Becky Buchanan, Gene Nowlan, Dave Canfield, Merrill Douglas

Sharon Canfield called the meeting to order.

Web site: Ron was appointed head of the web site committee. He presented a report on the current state of the club’s web site. The group discussed options for maintaining the site in the future. The web site committee will hold further discussions and make a recommendation to the Council.

Speakers for future club meetings: Sharon has secured a speaker for April – M.J. Uttech of the Cortland County Health Department. For May, Don has confirmed Terry Kent, Olympic kayaking medallist and former Executive Director of USA Canoe/Kayak. The group discussed possible speakers for June. Don will talk with the people at FoxWorx Paddles in Bainbridge to see if they can supply someone. As an alternative, the group discussed having club members who are paddling instructors do a program of indoor instruction and demonstrations. If we pursue that option, Sharon said she would contact club members who are instructors to see if they can present such a program. Kent said he would check with Mike Colwell to see if he had photos of the winter pools sessions that could be used in a possible presentation in the fall.

The group discussed plans for the membership meeting on Feb. 25.

Sharon presented some options for buying new club t-shirts. Council and committee members will continue to this research.

The Council members held a non-binding vote in favor of pursing an application for an employer ID for the club’s bank account. The Council agreed to ask Linda if she would discuss this form with the club’s contact at the bank, to find out how to do it correctly and who would sign it.

The Council passed a motion to form a financial oversight committee, with duties that include doing a review of the club’s books.

Gene made a motion not to announce make any announcement about t-shirts being ready to order until March. Sharon seconded and the motion was passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15.

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