Minutes of the ACKC Executive Council Meeting, January 27, 2013

ACKC Executive Council Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2013, 2 p.m.
Dunkin’ Donuts conference room, Endwell, NY

Attending from the Council – Linda Breffle, Sharon Canfield, Kent Foster, Don Hall, David Tanner
Others attending –Becky Buchanan, David Canfield, Merrill Douglas, Gene Nowlan (pending his re-election to Council in February),Ron Jerauld

Meeting was called to order by Sharon Canfield


Merrill noted that the Central United Methodist Church has approved use of their room for the club’s meetings on the dates we requested. Those dates are:

February 25
March 25
April 22
May 20 (third Monday)
June 24
September 23
October 28
November 18 (third Monday)

After some discussion, the Council agreed that it would be best to hold the club banquet on the week before Thanksgiving week, as usual.

Becky said that she is waiting for Broome County Parks to confirm the reservation of our pavilion at Dorchester Park on Sunday, July 28. The Council decided that we should start serving food at 1:30. When we announce the picnic, we will emphasize the fact that it’s on a Sunday this year, since that’s a departure from our usual practice.

The Council approved the following as officers and committee chairs for 2013: Secretary, Merrill Douglas; Treasurer, Linda Breffle; Refreshments Committee, Becky Buchanan; Trip Data, Gene Nowlan; Membership, Don Hall.

We discussed whether the club should start publishing a newsletter again. We would probably distribute it by e-mail. It would include trip reports and other information to help keep members more engaged. We will ask around to see if someone in the club would volunteer to do a newsletter. Gene said he would ask Chuck Haupt, for one. Sharon said that if no other club members steps up enthusiastically to take on the job, she will do it.

We discussed the problem of shrinkage in club membership, participation and the number of trips n our schedule. Don volunteered to head a membership committee. Dave Canfield suggested that one way to publicize the club would be through inexpensive ads in the Pennysaver.

Dave Tanner noted that when trip leaders travel to their own trips, and Council members travel to meetings, their mileage is tax-deductible because the ACKC is part of the ACA, and the ACA is a tax-exempt organization.

Linda reported that the balance in the club treasury is currently $1,144.97. She recently deposited $490, paid $350 to the ACA and reimbursed Becky $80 for the cost of renting the pavilion for the 2013 picnic.

Sharon asked Linda to give the club’s books to the Council members at the February meeting so they can perform an audit, as required in the bylaws.

Ron mentioned that our club has never officially registered as a non-profit. He said he will download the necessary form for us. Gene suggested that because we are an affiliate of the ACA, we are covered by their nonprofit, tax-exempt status and don’t need to register on our own. Merrill will call the ACA to find out if they can give us advice about the club’s nonprofit status.

Sharon noted that the Council was indeed in compliance with the requirements in the ACKC bylaws for holding Council meetings.

Membership Meetings

The Council developed a schedule for chairing membership meetings in 2013:

February – Gene
March – Linda
April – Dave Tanner
May – Don
June – Sharon
September – Dave Tanner
October – Linda
November – Sharon

As we get closer to each meeting, if the scheduled chair finds that he or she can’t meet that commitment after all, he or she should switch dates with someone else.

Program ideas

Don has contacted Olympian paddler Terry Kent to see if he would speak at one of our meetings.

The group suggested getting a boat maker from upstate New York to talk about the manufacturing process. Ron said that one of the sons of Dale Fox, the paddler maker in Bainbridge, works for a NYS canoe manufacturer. Ron will find out if he is available to talk to the club. Ron also will contact some local competitive paddlers, including members of his own family, to see if they would do a program.

Sharon will talk to a contact in the health department to see about giving a non-biased presentation on the health effects of hydraulic fracturing.

Sharon suggested that at the February meeting, we could ask people to fill out a survey about the club right on the spot. We could then send the survey to people who weren’t at the meeting, so they can complete it as well.

Merrill suggested asking Rick Shumaker and Chuck Haupt to do a talk on the upcoming Susquehanna Sojourn.

Becky will ask Bob Hamilton if he can lead a safety meeting in either March or February.

Gene said that we really don’t need to hold a trip planning meeting. Trip leaders can simply send him information about trips they want to offer, and he’ll use that information to make up a schedule.

Other Business

Don spoke about activities planned by the Chemung River Friends for this year. At the River Fest on June 8, they will offer opportunities for novice paddlers to go on the river with experienced paddlers. They hope that many members of the ACKC will volunteer to help.

The Council decided to make the February meeting a social meeting (unless that’s Bob Hamilton’s preferred date for a presentation). Members will complete surveys on the spot. We’ll try to organize some committees, and we’ll present the trip schedule for the upcoming year.

We discussed possible activities for the picnic in July. Becky will be responsible for the food, and Sharon for the entertainment.

Don asked if he should represent the club at the Twin Tiers Outdoor Expo on March 2-3 in Elmira. He made a motion for the club to provide up to $50 to pay for a portion of the booth, which we will share with other clubs. The motion passed.

At the February meeting, club members need to officially re-elect Gene as a Council members

Recognitions and remunerations: Sharon said that we should formally recognize trip leaders at the club banquet. Linda said that we used to give each person who gave a presentation at a membership meeting a club t-shirt or hat, but we’ve run out of both. Gene suggested that maybe we should have a paid speaker at one program each year.

We discussed ordering more club t-shirts. Sharon, Linda, Gene and Dave T. will check with stores in their areas to get prices for non-cotton shirts printed with the club logo. When we announce the February membership meeting, we will mention that attendees will be able to place orders for shirts at that meeting, so they should bring money. They will also have a chance to suggest what color shirts we should order. Merrill will e-mail a PDF of the club logo to Sharon, Linda, Gene and Dave.

Merrill will send an announcement reminding members that it’s time to renew their memberships for 2013. If the form on the web site still says “2012” at the time they download it, they should change the date by hand.

The group discussed plans for hosting the club’s web site in the future and then tabled the subject for further discussion.

Sharon distributed the draft of a survey that she would like to give to members. Group members agreed to e-mail her suggestions or give them in person at the next meeting.

Gene suggested that we should start offering trip reports, perhaps in the new newsletter. Should trip leaders write these, or should leader ask someone else on each trip to do it? Should the report include photos? This could be an individual or group effort.

The group discussed a more effective way to distribute mileage certificates at the November banquet. Many people fail to claim their certificates. Since there’s a cost to print each one, the current process is wasteful. Gene suggested that maybe he would bring his printer to the banquet and print certificates on the spot, just for people who are actually at the dinner. Linda said that in the future, she would like club members to receive miles for participating in the Susquehanna Sojourn.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Next Council meeting: Saturday, February 16, 2:00 pm, Dunkin’ Donuts in Endwell

Submitted by: Merrill Douglas, for the ACKC

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