Mike’s Mini Sojourn 2012

Mike’s Mini Sojourn 2012 – Same Format, Different Venue

I decided to mix things up a little bit this year, and chose a different river for my Wednesday night sojourn series.  Our first trip will begin 33.4 miles east of last year’s starting point, on the Chenango River, in Sherburne, NY.

Over a seven week period we will paddle approximately 52 miles from Sherburne to Chenango Forks, in 5 to 10 mile intervals, all on Wednesday evenings from about 5 to 8 PM.

05/23/12  6 miles Sherburne to North Norwich

05/30/12  8 miles North Norwich to Norwich

06/06/12  7 miles Norwich to North Oxford

06/13/12  5 miles No Oxford to Oxford

06/20/12  10 miles Oxford to Brisben

06/27/12  7 miles Brisben to Greene

07/04/12  9 miles Greene to Chenango Forks

The upper Chenango is similar to the upper Tioughnioga, narrow, intimate, quick in spots, with enough challenge to keep you on your toes now and again.  Good boat control is required to keep you safe and dry.  While it is not a trip for first timers, novices and intermediates should have no difficulties at normal water levels if paying attention.

I prefer that you register for each individual leg of the journey.  You can e-mail or call to sign up, and I ask that you do so by 6 PM on the Tuesday before the trip.


Mike Colwell

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  1. Merrill says:

    Thanks to Mike for his impeccable leadership on an unusual trip on the Chenango yesterday evening. Thanks to Ray and Kent for their scouting and trailblazing. Thanks to everyone who rescued a swimmer or a swimmer’s gear, or helped someone on a portage or a steep bank. Thanks to everyone for staying patient in adversity and working as a team. And tremendous thanks to Mike Webster for driving down from Sherburne to get us back to our cars and help reunite cars, boats and paddlers. It was a privilege to be part of that group last night.

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