ACKC General Membership Meeting 3/26/12

Location: Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott

The meeting was called to order by Sharon Canfield at 7:00 pm. Sharon asked new members and guests to introduce themselves. Several guests said that they came to the meeting specifically because they wanted to hear the safety talk. Sharon thanked Becky Buchanan for arranging refreshments and Linda Breffle for her work as treasurer and membership coordinator. She also thanked Peter VanSlyke, Chuck Haupt and Mike Colwell for organizing the evening’s program.

Secretary’s report: Copies of the minutes of the February meeting were distributed. The club approved the minutes.

Treasurer’s report: Linda reported that as of the end of February, the club had $988.17 in the treasury. Following deposits of $1,190 and payouts of $780, the club had $1,398.17 as of the day of this meeting.

Membership report: Linda reported that as of March 26, the club had 40 members for 2012. That number will likely to rise to 50 once she processes the new memberships that people turned in at the meeting. She reminded people that membership forms and waivers were available at the meeting for those who wanted to sign up and for use by trip coordinators.

Trip reports:

Ray Baker paddled from Chenango Forks to Chenango Bridge. See his report on the ACKC message board for details, including details on hazards he encountered and recent changes in the river.

Gene Nowlan paddled the upper Chohocton starting near the village of Chohocton. He encountered a lot of obstructions, but it was a beautiful, warm day.

Mike Colwell said that two weeks ago he paddled Starucca Creek with Tony Baroni and someone else. The waters were mostly Class I, with a little Class II. The weather was sunny and warm.

Tony Baroni paddled Tunkhannock Creek the previous week. This was an upper Class III stream. Tony went to the put-in alone but found people there to paddle with.

Old Business:

Gene distributed notes for trip leaders explaining the ACA’s new rules about trip reporting. Original sign-up sheets must be sent to the ACA within 30 days of the trip or the ACA will impose a$25 penalty. The club has formed a trip committee to make sure we’re able to follow this new procedure. If you’re having difficulties with this, you can get help from a member of the trip committee – Gene Nowlan, Sharon Canfield, Ron Jerauld or Dave Tanner. If interested in joining this committee, please speak with Gene.

Trip leaders may send the original sign-up sheets to the ACA via mail or transmit them electronically (scan and e-mail, or fax). Include waivers and money from non-club members, if any. Chris Nielsen mentioned that the ACA is set up to take credit card payments, if you prefer to get them the money that way.

Alternatively, trip leaders may e-mail their paperwork to and the committee will make sure that these lists are forwarded to the appropriate people at ACA. Please note that the trip committee will not be responsible for late reporting, so submit your paperwork on time.

Ron explained features of the trip section of the club web site. Trip leaders can add their own trips to the site; they can also add information about their trips to listings that are already posted. There are provisions for paddlers to sign up for trips online (only if the trip leader wants to offer that option) and for people to conduct dialog about the trip. Also, trip leaders can add information about their trips after the fact, providing details such as river gauge readings. This is all optional. Trip leaders can handle their trips as they like, using the web site as much or as little as they like.

For the moment, to add new trips to the web site, send the information to Ron. Alternatively, send it to . Either way, Ron will get the information and add it to the web site. If you’re a trip leader and want to add such information yourself, let Ron know and he’ll arrange for that.

Sharon thanked Gene and Ron for getting trips posted and Merrill Douglas for printing copies of the preliminary trip list.

New Business:

Marcia Borden announced that the trip on the White River in Vermont, originally scheduled for April 5, has been cancelled.

Gene mentioned that if you are adding a new trip, that information must reach the ACA one working day before the date of the trip. We will add the ACA insurance address to the listserv so that all notices about upcoming trips go to them. This will serve to notify them about the addition. If you cancel a trip, you also need to notify the ACA.

Becky reported on plans to have an ACKC table at the Field, Hearth and Home Show at the Owego Treadway on Saturday, March 31 (9-5) and Sunday, April 1 (9-3). We have several volunteers, but we could use some more. Anyone who wants to help, please speak to Becky.

Chuck Haupt announced that he, Rick Shumaker and Erin Heard are organizing this year’s Susquehanna Sojourn, which will start in Cooperstown on June 13 and end on June 17 in Bainbridge. Rick encouraged people to participate. There’s a link on the ACKC web site that will take you to the Sojourn web site. Registration forms will be available on that site on April 1.

Meeting was adjourned for snacks at 7:45PM


Peter VanSlyke, Chuck Haupt and Mike Colwell presented a safety program.

Next meeting: April 23, 2012 @ 7:00PM

Minutes submitted by Merrill Douglas.

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